Running with Scissors.

At late the movies that we have gotten from Netflixs have been really awful. We watched Running with Scissors this weekend.  I should say I watched it.  After a while Big Sis bailed out and Chee went off to make important phone calls. It took me two days on and off again to get through movie.
Running with Scissors is a memoir of a boy’s life growing up in a weird and dysfunctional environment.  This boy’s mother was a struggling poet who felt oppressed by everyone in her life, so much so she had frequent bouts of insane behavior.  The boy’s father was and alcoholic who became that way because he thought he was abused misunderstood and unappreciated. Between the two parents, was a loveless marriage with constant fighting and plenty of bickering. About 1/3 of the way through the movie the mother hires a psychiatrist who was just as insane as she is.  The mother was convinced by the psychiatrist to let him adopt her son.  She did, and the story goes on with him living with the psychiatrist’s dysfunctional family. I will not explain the ending because it is somewhat unfinished, and you might want to see the movie.
I think about all the children in the world that grow up in a less than perfect family situation. There are a high percentage of those children who grow up and make something of themselves in this world.  I think about kids who are spoon-fed everything their heart’s desire and a high percentage of those children grow up and are still being spoon-fed by their parents in some form or another.
So what am I saying, in most case opposition makes an individual stronger.  Most of these kinds of movies have an ending of the child or children accomplishing good things.