When the head Honcho comes into the office every one is at their best.  My cubical is right next to her office.  So that means with what little hearing I do have left I can hear everything she says.  She is from New York and therefore speaks very loudly. This also helps me tremendously with the hearing issue.  For the last month or more she has been adding you know what I mean after every thing she says.  This is what her conversations sound like on the phone or in person.  She said that she went to the doctor office yesterday, you know what I mean? She did not like what the doctor told her, you know what I mean?Now she is calling me and complaining about the doctor, you know what I mean? She said it was our fault that we set her up with such an insensitive doctor. You know what I mean? I told her you were given a list of doctors and you selected the one you wanted to see.  You know what I mean? 

Just a comment on the insensitive doctor, most doctors are insensitive. They probably learn that one in medical school, Insensitive 101.

After a while of listening to that, it kind of gets stuck in my mind.  So I’ll be talking to someone and at the end of my remark I’ll add you know what I mean.  UGH, that bothers me so much that I have to bite my tongue to keep from saying it. Who came up with this annoying catch phrase? You know what I mean?