Tonight Big sis took Chee and me to TJ’s Gingerbread House in Oakland.  What a dining experience.  We did not know this but you are supposed to fax your order to the restaurant 24 hours in advance.  There were still a few items you could choose from on the menu.
Our hostess, waitress, busboy and floor show person was the same mature woman dressed in a gingerbread girl costume.  She air kissed us pressed her cheek against ours, sang to us and talked to us like we were babies and acted as if she had known us personally for years.  That was the most unusual service we have ever had.  The food was rated pretty high according to sites on the Internet, but between you and me, I would rate the food pretty low.
At the end of our dining experience the waitress brought out a gingerbread woman cookie and sang happy birthday.  She opened up a paper bag for me to put the cookie in.  I went to put the cookie in the bag and she pulled it away saying in this weird small voice no, no don’t put me in there.  She played that game about four or five times.  I wanted to just walk out of the restaurant, but I played nice and said the cookie wants to get in the bag cause it is nice and warm.
That was by far and outer limits dinner event.

Special note: Thank you for the wonderful wishes.