The following sounds like it came from a Sci-Fi novel.
Big Sis passed this one onto me, and it really scares the Hee-bees out of me.
Authorities in the United States have given preliminary approval to a plan to grow rice genetically modified to produce human proteins.
Rice plants including human genes involved in producing breast milk would be grown in the state of Kansas.
The company behind the proposal, Ventria Bioscience, says the plants could be developed into medicines for diarrhea and dehydration in infants.
Under the proposal, which received preliminary backing from the US Department of Agriculture last week, Ventria would plant rice over some 3,000 acres of farmland in the mid-western state.
The company said it would take precautions to ensure the seeds did not mix with other crops.
Regular Joes like you and me feel that parts of the rice plants could enter the food chain through bad weather, animals eating crops and leaving droppings on other farms and human error.
These parts of the genetically altered human DNA crop could genetically alter regular crops and then we all will be eating people/plants.
Hey if they feed the cows these cow/grain pellets with the out come of mad cow’s disease. What kind of side effects will man kind have.
I know the driving motivation for this project, $$$$$.
I wonder when will the madness stop, when will common sense over take greed?
The public has until the end of March to submit objections to the plan, the Associated Press news agency reported. If final permission is given, Ventria will begin planting rice in April or May, company president Scott Deeter said.
Note we can submit objections, but as usual there is not a place given to send the objections to… Nice