My back aches; my body is begging me to lie down.
Just a few hours of shopping for a prom dress wiped me out.  Chee must of tried on 40 thousand dresses, various styles, various lengths and every color of the rainbow. (Wait black and brown are not rainbow colors).  We went to one place and it was suppose to be an outlet. When we walked into the outlet it was wall-to-wall formals. I said to Chee, if you don’t find a dress here I don’t know where you would find a dress. After almost 2 hours we walked out of the store empty handed, even the sales people were astounded.  Don’t worry we put every dress back where we got it, just so we would not be cursed at by the little sales lady.
Chee was very despondent on the drive home.  We decided to stop at the Broadway shopping center, we walked into a shop and she found her dress.  Can you imagine that, right in our own hometown, and the really interesting part was the dress was less expensive than the ones at the outlet.  Who would of thunk?
Macy’s had a screaming shoe sale and Chee found the shoes that she said matched perfectly.  I could not believe the luck that we were having.  All that is left are the accessories. I hope Chee has a great time.
Ok now I will go down memory lane.
When it was Prom time for me that was in the late 70’s.  Long dressed were in style and I had an at least six dresses in my closet that I wore to church. I picked a pretty yellow one out of the closet, made my own corsage, cause my boyfriend was cheep and thoughtless. Once we got to the Prom my friends were all drunk as a skunks, it was hard to talk to them.  My boy friend hated to dance fast dances, so we sat out most of the times.  I did not have the best of times, but then it was not the worst of times either.
What was your Prom like?