What a beautiful Sunday.  The weather was warm and 80 degrees. Big sis decided to try again with a nice breakfast out.  She found another restaurant in Oakland that served old fashion southern cooking with a good dose of soul.  Lois Pie in the Sky.  This was an old house converted into a restaurant.  The special everyone raved about was an Icebox lemon pie.  We placed our order which was just sandwiches for Big sis and me.  Chee had the Mexican style eggs.  My sandwich was good, pretty simple.  The waitress brought the pies first, I though that was weird.  It was an excellent pie.  I figured it was a lemon cream cheese pie made with condense milk and frozen.  It was yummy for a very warm day. Big sis liked the pie, but her ham and cheese sandwich was very heavy on the cheese, and a little later she had the worst case of heart burn and stomach burn. Chee did not eat too much of her eggs, but said her biscuit was the best she ever tasted.
It is always fun to try  little hole in the walls restaurants.  Some of them are good and a lot of them are just an experience.