Some people just live on drama.  If they ran out of drama they would go out and find some more.
There is a guy at work like this. I will give him the name George.  Every week something happens to him or his family. He walks around talking to anyone who would listen to his woes. Each time he explains it, each time it get worst.
George’s daughter met a guy at church.  Both the daughter and the guy are very much into their religion.  They have been seeing each other for over a year. George came to work with a long face.  He ‘s walking around groaning and moaning his daughter called him the night previously and wants to talk with him.  He said, I just know that she and the guy are going to ask me if they can get married.  You might say what is wrong with that?  Well the guy is white and his daughter is black.  You still might say what is wrong with that?  Well, it seem like George does not take too kindly to having a white guy in his family.  When I heard this I had a hard time suppressing my laugh. The next week his mom was sick.  The following week he was moaning and groaning about pain in his back.  The next week his wife found blood in her urine, and so on and so on.  But it does not stop there; he is in competition with anyone that has a problem.  His problems are always bigger and more dramatic. It is a serious crack up to listen to this guy.  This makes office life so entertaining.  I wish I had a video camera some times. I did ask him weeks later did your daughter ask your permission to marry the guy she is dating.  He said no and just walked away.