I read this article about gay sheep.
Did you know that 5-8 % of male sheep are gay?
Well this Research Oregon Team did a study on the gay rams.
They found that the gay rams brains have significantly small hypothalamus.
This was a wonderful break through for the gay community.  Now there is a proven physiological reason for being gay, where it was previously thought that is was psychological.
This same Oregon team came up with a cure, by adjusting the testosterone levels in the ram’s brain.  The end result was these same rams preferred the ewes now. This is a remarkable discovery.
The gay activists are very upset with this discovery.  Apparently they feel this new discovery will alter their lives and some how when they least expect it, someone will tamper with their testosterone levels in their brain and make them prefer women.
Chee said, she agrees with the gay activists. She wouldn’t want to change who she is and feared the some one would secretly try to alter her brain matter to become what they thought was normal.
I though about it, would I be upset if someone messed with my brain and all of a sudden I preferred the same sex.  I guess not.
I thought of it this way, all my life I hated onions.  Someone tweaked with my brain and all of a sudden I like onions. Would it matter? No. Because you become a different person, your brain is convinced that this is the right thing for you.  You consciously have no intense feeling against the thing that you hated.
What would you think?