On Valentine’s day Big Sis gave me a whole giant size bag of M&M’s with peanuts. Chocolate is something that I should just erase from my diet.

It takes me a good week to get off of chocolate.

But then another stupid holiday comes along and there it is again, chocolate calling to me in those sweet lullaby hypnotic chant.

Then the cycle begins again, must have chocolate every day or I hear this chant in my brain, chocolate- chocolate- chocolate. The only way it will quiet down is if I eat chocolate.

A few days after Valentine’s Day I was still walking around with the giant bag of M& Ms with peanuts, popping them in my mouth like they were candy… Hey, they are candy. I went over to PY’s house. I rang the doorbell, while munching on my M&M’s. He opened the door and I cried out to him you must save me from these things. He grabbed the bag and exclaimed what is wrong with you while sucking his teeth ( A Guyanese thing) and I never saw that bag of M&M’s with peanuts again. Oh lardie, I was saved…

Because I am not an expert on this link setting thing there is a site you can go to where you can test your chocolate expertise. You will have to copy and paste, I know this procedure is ancient but…