We watched this movie the other night. It was about a guy struggling to make a living, raise a child and live the life he dreamt about. Will Smith did an excellent job and his son will probably follow in Dad and Mom’s footprints.

In the beginning of the March we went to a seminar about interpreting dreams. It was advertised in the local paper. This group meet every week and it was a small group of people who knew each other prior. We went around the circle introducing ourselves and one of the men (who was 84 years old )in the group said he was an actor and the latest movie he acted in was the Pursuit of Happyness. He said that he played a doctor in the movie who purchased what Will Smith’s character was selling.

The movie is an inspirational movie that states that you can do anything you dream of. Just don’t loose sight of it during bad times. I recommend it, but there might be some parts you might want to fast forward due to the length of the movie.