My father bought my older brother and me a car when I was seventeen. It was a Burnt Orange Chevette, stick shift. My brother was really good at driving that car around. I … well, let’s put it this way I needed a learners permit for another 6 months. I was ok driving it on flat roads, but if I had to drive up a hill, my palms started sweating, my muscle went rigid and my mind would revert to panic. One Sunday I went out on an errand for someone is our church. It was not far from our home. The only problem was the street I was going up was pretty steep and narrow. I panic and my car rolled back and went off the road into a pretty substantial ditch. I got out of the car and climbed out of the ditch and thought, great what now??? I started to walk home for help, when this lady came out of her house. She looked at my car and asked if I needed help. They I heard her call into to her house, Boys… Four large college football type guys came walking out of her house. They said that they could call a tow truck. Ok, I said. They walked over to my brand new Chevette, and started rocking it. Then they said, hey we can pick this car up. They proceeded to pick up my car and put it on the road, it was an in-cred-i-ble sight. One of them even turned the car around and drove it out to the main road and said, see ya. As I sit here and write this, all I can think of is, I hope no one got a hernia from that stunt. I got into my car and drove it home without any damage.