On Saturday I had the biggest treat in a long time. A family friend is a jeweler and she invited us to go to a jewelry show at the San Mateo Fair Grounds.
When we arrived the parking area was pretty full. We entered this large auditorium, which had rows and rows of vendors selling every kind of jewelry imaginable. We were lead to the back of the auditorium where only Jewel makers could go. They stamped our hand with “M” and we were in. Once in you could see and rows of jewelry as far as your eyes could see; Strands of raw stones, cut stones, pearls, crystal, silver, gold, beads, different style of jewelry, Asian, African, South American, West Indies, Indian, European and etc. I was in jewelry heaven. I admired and touch everything, tried on rings, bracelets and basked in the joy of glitter and glam.
After hours of shopping hunger was over taking us and with great reluctance we had to leave. I did pause for a moment before exiting because I knew I would not see jewelry and prices like that again for a long time.