Life of Py
Yann Martel

This is a book that was a best read a few years ago.  The Life of Py is about a boy raised in India. His father was an owner of a zoo.  Py grew up among array of exotic animals.  He grew to understand animal mannerisms and way of life.  He truly loved his life.  During the later part of 1970’s there were a lot of political conflicts, which caused Py’s father to grow uneasy about their future in India.  The father decided to sell their zoo and animals and move to Canada.  Several of the animals were sold to zoos around the world.
The family and animals boarded a cargo ship and sailed off to Canada.  A week out to sea the ship sank in the Pacific Ocean very quickly.  Py ended up in a lifeboat with a zebra, hyena and a Bengal tiger.  The majority of the book is a narrative of the 200 plus days Py and his companions floated aimlessly in the Pacific and their story of how they survived.   This book grabs you and hooks you in.  It is filled with survival tips, human nature and animal behaviors.  It is a great read if you have not already read it.