I was shooting the breeze with one of my co-workers and she was telling me about her weekend.  She had gone out with one of her friends.  They were sitting at breakfast and her friend said that she had to stop by and get some turkey from one of her friend’s house.
She said they drove into a new neighborhood that had been taken over by the Gangs, and drove up to a two-story house.  There were children lined up on the driveway interspersed with teenagers.  Her friend got out of the car and walked up to the front of the line.  A man can out with the type of headgear on that you would see at the drive up window of Burger King and Carl’s Junior.  Her friend said she wanted several turkey burgers and she turned to my co-worker and ask if she wanted anything and pointed to the board with a menu that hung in the garage.  My coworker ordered fish and chips.  The man spoke into the head set her order.  The man’s wife came out of the house and went to their garage now converted to the top of the line stainless steel kitchen, that was spotless and started cooking the orders.  She said it was weird to see this fast food restaurant in the middle of a subdivision out of a garage. My coworker bit into her fried fish and said that it was the best tasting fish she had ever eaten; the turkey burger was so tasty.  She said the prices were reasonable and service was very good.
More and more people are using their homes to run businesses out of.  I heard that some tract homes, people have farms in their homes, they remove the carpet and set up planter boxes and grow plants that are illegal.  Some people run hair salons and nursing homes out of houses, of course it is all illegal.  It just amazes me.