Well, in another three weeks Big sis graduates from college.  I am so proud of her.  She worked her little butt off at Berkeley.  She is right in the middle of completing major reports and studying for finals.   The odd thing is she is really going to miss school.  Not so much the writing of reports or taking the test, but the learning and the rich and unusual culture of Berkeley.  She said she is going to soak up as much as she can in the next three weeks from her beloved Berkeley.  We went shopping for a cute little outfit to wear understand the cap and gown.  Big sis does not like to shop and especially for clothes for herself.  We have gone to several different stores to shop and have come up nothing.  Keep in mind, Big sis shops for months for one a pair of tennis shoes.  It has to be a low price and a good quality.  I admire Big sis for having the patience to search for months for something.  If I cannot find what I am looking for at the shops then I just give up or find a substitute with in a few days.
This will start a new chapter for Big sis and I am so excited for her. Like all Mamas they only want the best for their babies.