I want to travel.  I want to go away and not come back for a few weeks.  I want to see the sun set with one of those fancy drinks with and umbrella in it.  I want to shop in stores I have never been in with a bunch of money in my pocket.  I want to sit and watch and band play music and enjoy the sound. I want to have a chocolate on my pillow when I ‘m ready to hit the sack.  I want to stay up late and watch some sappy movie in the hotel room and not have to worry about getting up to go anywhere in the next day.   I want to meet nice people and have a great conversation.  I want a nice man to notice me and make googlie eyes at me. I want my toes to feel warm in my flip-flops. I want a warm breeze to gentle blow thru my hair.  I want to eat the nicest food that I did not have to cook. I want to not have a care in the world.

Just writing all these things kind of makes me feel like I am on vacation.  I guess it is just a state of mind.  May be tomorrow when I go to work I can think of these things and be content