The mind is a funny thing. Your whole life you are constantly feeding it with information. You spend your younger years cramming it with historical facts, mathematic equations, science and languages, which come first the i or the e after c? Then you graduate and you are a full fledge educated adult. After you are finished with 12-18 years of education you cannot remember 1/2 or more of what you learned.
Case in point, that silly show, “Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader.”
An adult is asked 5th grade questions, if he or she does not know the answer they could have help from a 5th grader, if he or she gets all the answer correct he or she wins lots of money. Well, the show is really brainless, if everyone studied the answers, not just the 5th graders then it would not be entertaining as belittling some adult for not recalling facts they learned 15 plus years ago. I stopped watching that show the first night it aired.
I do not know why humans place so much emphasis on regurgitating facts, when only a handful or less of the population can be lucky enough to have a photographic memory to retain what they learn.
So what is my point… hum, I forgot.