For a couple of weeks our back storage closet lock has been broken, so no one can get in.  Which is the most wonderful excuse for not cleaning up outside because all the tools are in the storage.  But it got way out of control out there so I borrowed Py’s broom and use scissors and hands to clean up the place.  It worked in a pinch.  It has been really hot for the last couple of days, to me really hot is in the 90’s.  All the birds and  a few bees  and insects were buzzing around.  The next thing you know the allergies started,  the sneezing, wheezing and watery eyes.  I was determine to finish and have a really clean yard.  Mission accomplished.  I rinsed off Py’s broom and walked over to his home to return it.  It is really sad that soon I will not be able to walk over, borrow things at a whim or bug him and J, just because.  They are really going to move 10 plus miles away.  I will miss them more than they will know.