The hum at work yesterday was Mother’s Day.  Everyone compared their stories of what their children did for them.  I must say a majority of stories were not the most positive.  For instance the children came over and I ended up cooking and cleaning up after they left, or all I got was a card, or phone call.  The baffling one was my husband took me out for dinner to celebrate mother’s day, ok I have heard spouses calling each other, “mother and dad.”
I was over at the drug store on Sunday and they had a little area of flowers for mother’s day.  There were a about a handful of men circling the area deciding which one of the half wilted left over bouquets to get their mom’s.  It was a sad sight.
We are a society that is governed by some beings of higher authority to tell us when, where and how to celebrate certain events.  Does that sound odd?
Feb 14th is the time you can tell someone you love them with candies, hearts, flowers and cards, oh and if you are truly loved, jewelry. Late May is a Memorial Day, a time to take off work and have a BBQ or drive off somewhere for a three day weekend end.  July 4th is the day we celebrate our country’s birthday, with parades, BBQ, picnic and fireworks and don’t forget to wear red white and blue to honor our country. I suppose it is an organized way to honor things.  But most often times I see people who have the feeling they are forced into buying stuff and honoring which ever event is scheduled on the calendar.  It certainly seemed that way the day after Mother’s day from the stories exchanged at work. Hope all the Mamas out there had a Happy Mother’s day.