Two days after the Series final episode of Gilmore Girls, I am still scratching my head over the way it ended.  When the series started it was cute to watch the mother and daughter’s close relationship and the wacky relationships they had with extended families and the town’s people.  It was amusing to see how many words the one of the main characters Lorelai could spit out in a minute.  It is amazing that someone can banter on like that and no one lost his or her patience with her and told her to just be quiet.  The last season of the show the original writer was replaced.  This season was slow with bouts of boredom.  Never the less I hung in there thinking that something great would happen, that would quench the thirst of this night soap opera junkie.  I was let down.  It was written with no thought of tying up loose ends, with no thought of satisfying the loyal viewers. It was sloppy and dumb.
I went to the web to search out the meaning of my emptiness and found this little excerpt;
“The creator of “Gilmore Girls,” Amy Sherman-Palladino, always said she knew exactly how she’d end the series, right down to the last four words. Problem was, she exited the show last season, so someone else got to decide how the fast-talking “Girls” would say goodbye.”
My thought is to air one more episode with the original writer’s version of the end of the show.  I think that would be a great treat for all the loyal viewers and a wonderful thank you.