It had been a while since I’ve seen a good chick-flicks. Well, this weekend was chick-flick weekend.  We started out on Friday by seeing the movie The Waitress.  Chee requested this one and was very excited to see this movie.  It would be an OK movie to see on DVD.  On the big screen I though it was not worth it.  It is a simple story of a girl in a bad marriage that becomes pregnant, has an affair with her doctor, really good at bake pies and is miserable. It had an unreal feel to the movie and the ending was totally hokey.

** Just read that the Director/actress of the movie The Waitress, Adrienne Shelly was murdered on Nov 2, 2006.  :0(

Music and Lyrics was the next movie.  This movie was about a washed up 80’s male performer who was asked by a Brittney –Christine super star to write a song for her to perform at on her newest album by Friday.  Drew enters into his life as a lousy plant tender who is a gifted writer. Together they form a back and forth business/love relationship while trying to achieve this impossible goal.  It was a yawner and so predictable. Drew and Hugh have very little chemistry together.

The third and finally chick-flick movie was Catch and Release.  Don’t ask me why I thought this would be a light romantic comedy. It was a darker movie in the “ Hope Floats” with Sandra Bullock flavor.  The movie opens with a funeral open house.  Jennifer Garner‘s character loses her fiancée days before their wedding.  She is devastated.  She begins to put her life back together only to find out that her relationship with the man she loved was false and filled with deception. It was a very long movie, choppy and lacked the ability to hook us into the story.

This is one of those three strikes and you’re out sort of thing.  It is back to TV for us.