There is a pill now available for people who are compulsive shoppers (binge shoppers).  A compulsive shopper is someone who runs up thousands of dollars in dept.  For example the person would go to the hardware store and buy 100 or more screwdrivers and never use them. Kind of senseless shopping buying stuff just to buy.  It could be anything shoes, socks, clothes and etc.  Whew, I was worried I was a compulsive shopper, cause I go to Target every week.

I knew someone like that.  She had so much stuff.  She went and out and bought clothes and shoes like they were going out to style.  She hid them in the garage and in various areas of the house.  It got so bad that she could not park in the garage anymore, because it was so full of stuff.  She said she has boxes of clothes and shoes that she has never worn. She also did this with food too.  She has several freezers of food and lots of dry food goods.

Ladies and gents the magic pill for this ailment to help the compulsive shopper out is the anti-depressant citalopram, available as Cipramil.

What will those pharmaceutical companies think of next?  Hey maybe they can hand these pills out to congress, because they keep passing very expensive bills that is running our Country into more trillions of dollars into debt.