For a few weeks now I have been following the story of the Mama whale, Delta and her baby whale Dawn that swam into the Delta.  Apparently the Mama whale got injured, she had a large gash they think from a boat propeller.  For the few weeks people have been trying to get the Whales back out to sea.  They did all sorts of crazy things from banging on metal pipes to, lining their boats up in row to block them for swimming further into the Delta.  Finally someone started the Mama whale on antibiotics.  It did not look good for a while for both Mama and baby whale, their skin were showing signs of break down.     Every morning I would get up and turn on the TV to see the how the whales were doing?  I would watch the night news to catch the progress on them.    They even had a hot line people could call into, especially on the weekend when coverage on their progress was not regular.

This is the part that really gets to me.  They stopped the hot line. Why you ask? Because a Hacker got into the hot line and erased the message and added his or her own message, ” Sorry folks the whales are dead.” Why would someone do something like that? Of course people were so upset that they started calling the TV & radio stations for confirmation.

As of  Tuesday the whales made their way into the salt water and have not been seen.  It seems like the antibiotics worked on the Mama whale.  I am hopeful that this is a happy ending.

Some times when the problem is in your back yard so to speak and the government is not really involved, but good kind hearted people are, it is easier to become more passionate about issues.                                  I feel hopeless and despaired  with the war in the Middle East and the poverty and hunger in the world.  There is nothing I can do to fix these things, except for send various contributions every month.  People get so obsessed with money and power that all goes a-muck and it is hard to see the good because the bad is always right in our faces.  Stories like Delta and Dawn are refreshing and happy endings is something we all need.