(That is a peanut butter and jelly sandwich Paddington is eating in your honor Big Bro.)

My Brother was born in Paddington Hospital in England on June 3rd. Even though he was born in England his time their was very short lived. They decided to go back to Guyana after my brother’s birth, so my father could continue his practice. Big Bro boarded the ship as a tiny 5lb infant. They used a drawer for a make shape bed for him. Mom said when he first put him in the drawer to sleep he was so tiny. By the time the ship docked in South America, weeks later, Big Bro had grown out of his drawer. I guess you could say Big Bro is quite and International Tycoon. (Hehehe) Big Bro wishing you a very Happy Birthday. This is a big year for you, enjoy and be happy always.