I am in one of those slumps when I think a lot, but I cannot think of a thing to write. My thoughts go at a 100 miles an hour and it does not slow down long enough for me to put it into words.

The school year is almost over and I have been trying to think of a fun place to go for vacation. Even though it is June I am still wearing a sweater and yet at work the air conditioner is going at a high rate. I am trying to get back into the exercise mode. Chee just told me to that she is going to chill-ax. What the heck, oh yeah chill and relax. We live is a lazy society where everything has to be short and easy. I was standing in the line at the book store yesterday and this man probably my age, but older looking came up behind me, and he was there for may be 10 seconds, got all mad and said what is going on with this line, he hummed and haaaed about it for 30 seconds and took off. I was so relieved. Impatient people really are annoying. Gee the town I live in is so boring… After thought… My typing skills sucks.
You see the above went through my head in probably ten seconds, and it is all so random. Have you ever tried to write down your thoughts on the spur of the moment. Try it and see what you come up with.