We went to the SPCA, animal shelter on Saturday. We have been looking for a dog since Big sis was very young.
The pure guilt buy; I went to see a dog in the early 90’s, which was a Caviler King Charles. The man met me half way and I saw the dog and thanked him and was ready to leave when he said hey, you made me drive all the way here just for nothing, so I bought the dog. We named him, Tristan and he was the biggest rascal you could ever meet. That was 12 years ago. Fast forward12 years later, we are looking more seriously. Down at the SPCA they had a Siberian Husky mix. She is beautiful. Her eyes are blue like ice and her coat is so soft. She was a stray with a microchip in her ear. They are making attempts to find the owner, guess where they live, in Utah. Weird, how did this dog get here from Utah? She has a reserved personality and takes a while to warm up to. I am keeping my fingers crossed it will be a go on this little addition to our family.