Everyone has pet peeves. But my Mom’s takes the cake. Today I decided to devote this blog to my Mom’s pet peeves.

When my mom visits people home’s she does not like to use their already used soaps.  She wants a fresh bar of soap designated just for her.

Mom does like to be a guest at someone house and they offer her pooge -ponge towels to use. (Definition of pooge-ponge towel, is one that you would use to wipe up the floor dry off wet dogs)  She likes fluffy big towels.

Mom does not like cheap champagne.  She prefers Veuve clicquot.  If you bring her champagne that is around the $12.00 to $20.00 range she will razz you about your cheapness drink the champagne and tell never to bring cheap tasteless stuff like that into her house again.

Most Chinese restaurant advertise that they do not use MSG in their food.  Mom says they lie. Nine times out of ten she specifically asks them not to put MSG in the food they nod and say no we do not use.  She gets the allergic reaction that she always gets from eating MSG after the meal.

Mom does not like people to offer her a glass of some thing to drink and they serve it to her in a plastic cup.  She says people should know the difference between plastic and glass.  She hates to drink out of plastic cups.

On Mothers day Mom wants her kids to drop everything and come to her house make a fancy meal and sit around and wait for her even, if she is out of town and does not know when she will return that day.

Mom has to have fresh sheets on her bed every other day or else it bugs her.

Mom does not like people to use her pens.

Mom hates pumping her own gas.

If she gets a box of chocolate she will mash her finger into the middle of it to see what is inside. There is nothing worst to her than biting into a yucky chocolate.  Most times you would end up seeing a 1/2 box of smashed chocolates.

What are some of your pet peeves, are they as “out there” as my mom’s?
This post was pre-approved by Mom.