Big Sis went to see Celine Dion is Las Vegas, it was a gift from my Brother for her graduation. They left Sunday afternoon for the Sunday night concert. Big Sis said Celine on a scale of one to ten, Celine was and 11 and the show was a two. Celine got 100 million dollars contract to work five years in the Vegas circut. She performs three days a week ( Fri, Sat, & Sun). She has to conserve her voice the rest of the week, by just communicating using the tapping method. One tap for yes , two taps for no. Geese after the first couple of months I would of learned sign langauge or something. She only has six months left with the contract. Her Husband is known for gambling and losing. So part of that 100 million is going right back into the cassino. Big Sis got some food poisoning while visiting the Buffet. The best part of the trip for Big Sis was just seeing Celine and listening to her powerful voice.

What would you do for 100 million dollars? Would you tap four days out of the week and sing for three days week for five years?