In Guyana

My oldest brother and I were staying with my Aunt and her family while our parents were away. My brother and I shared a bed.  They had open rafters, one night I awoke and right above me on the rafter was a large rat peering down on us.  Needless to say I wet our bed…

My mom would read to us each night before bed, one story was of an Indian Prince and Princess. It had a big black and white drawing of this great Prince.  After mom finished the story she tucked us in under this gaint net, so we would not be eaten alive by the mosquitos.

I remember watching my Mom make her bed, my mom was very pregnant with my brother Weeve. The radio was on an it was hot.  On the radio they were broadcasting about a bombing of a school bus full of children.  My Mom stopped making the bed and  gasp then mentioned my oldest brother name. Good news my oldest brother was safe and well.

Meme invite to recall your earliest memory.

Thanks Beenz for the open invitation….