We saw Masterpiece Theater’s interpretation of Queen Elizabeth 1. It was long and really rich with historical information. I picked up a few more facts about the great Virgin Queen. Women libbers unite, this was one woman who did proclaim, no man would ever rule over me. Wow, talk about a strong sense of independence.

Not being a historical person, I never knew that she spent sometime imprisoned in the Tower of London. She was released after the death of her older half sister’s death and took rein over England. While she was imprisoned only a few loyal people stood by her. After she took rein family and people came out of woodwork proclaiming their devotion and love for her. Throughout her rein there were only a few people who she trusted and as she lived a long life those people died along the way. So where am I going with this?

What is it about human nature that causes them to flock to leaders wether or not they like the person, on false pretense, kissing up just to get perks that come along with being acquainted with someone of power. There are times when I find myself doing just that, but then I realize what I am doing and then turn it down a couple of notches.

Do all species on the Earth have this pattern ingrained in their DNA? Is this some type of survival skill? This is what happens when I read a book or watch a movie. I pick up the oddest things and mull it over for a while. Have you ever noticed yourself doing this?