Oh shoot, I have no time.

Darn, I ran out of time.

Where does the time go?

I wish I had the time.

How much time does that take?

No time, no time.

Time is not my friend.

What is it about time these days? June seems like it just started and now we are on the last week. When I was a child time seemed to go by so slow. I remember counting the days until Christmas, vacation and birthday as each day passed by in slow motion.

I thought that maybe for children it is just naturally that way, but then my girls have always complained that they “did not have the time” through out the years.

So I got to thinking may be we are not aware that time has changed, that our concept of seconds, minutes or hours are really not the same seconds, minutes or hours as 100 years ago. Then it occurred to me that this is what Sci-Fi is made of. Some how the universe is playing with us like one of those exercise wheels in a guinea pig cage, the guinea pig hops on it and thinks it is going some place, but he remain in the same position.

Wait did you hear that? Is it the faint sound of the Outer Limits theme song.

But seriously does anyone feel like we live our lives in fast motion?

Oh, Got to go ran out of time…