July 2007

We all know people like Debbie the Downer who spoil the fun with lame comments but none are quite as funny as her. The best part of the skit is towards the end.


For the last hour I have been sitting here doing nothing but trying to look busy.  This is the first time in many months that we have hit a quiet spell at work, so why not write something for a blog.

For a couple of weeks now the puppy, Piper has been limiting herself to the down stairs. I have seen her look at the stairs up to the next level with such perplexion and fear. At 3- AM this morning she came up the stairs and went into the girl’s room. She saw a hand hanging off the side of the bed and walked over to lick it until the brain of the sleepy girl surfaced to consciousness. Big Sis said she saw Piper walk over to a throw rug and made herself comfortable to the rest of the night.  Big Sis got up and took her back downstairs, set up a barrier and went upstairs.  She went back to bed and the next thing you know Miss Piper was right back at her bedside. Ok, Houdini dog.  A better barrier was made and some little whining could be heard for an hour or two.

Next morning at 7:00 I am preparing to leave for work, I am looking all over for puppy, and then I hear this little excited bark and some rrrrrrrr like she is playing with another dog coming from upstairs.  I ran upstairs and there she is in my room on top of a sheepskin rug my Pops brought back from Australia.  She is playing and bark at it like it is real.  She looks over me with this look like she just found her new best friend. How can you get mad at the innocent cute holligan of a puppy. Oh I did a booboo today, I cut the hair away from Piper’s eyes and got a bit carried away, now she looks like the baby seal pictured above.

Yahoo! oneSearch: Finally, mobile search that gives answers, not web links.

“Madness takes its toll. Please have exact change.”

“Drive carefully, 90% of people are accidents.”

“May the forces of evil become confused on the way to your house.” — George Carlin

“For three days after death, hair and fingernails continue to grow but phone calls taper off.” — Johnny Carson

“Don’t knock the weather; nine-tenths of the people couldn’t start a conversation if it didn’t change once in a while”.

Two monologues do not make a dialogue.

“Time’s fun when you’re having flies.” — Kermit the Frog

Sometimes I lie awake at night, and I ask, “Where have I gone wrong?” Then a voice says to me, “This is going to take more than one night.” — Charlie Brown

Quite a few girls I know talk about how they meet guys on the Internet.  How many there are to choose from and how it is easier to get to know the guy this way. I guess we live in a fast pace world and one of the best ways to meet someone is through the Internet. Then there is Dinner for Six thing, where you call a company and they coordinate a dinner where you meet up with 5 other people equally gendered out and have dinner.  That way you meet new people.  Then there is the three-minute dating thing, which sound great on paper, but is just another meat market. .  If you go to bookstore there are so many books you can get on improving your self to attract your perfect mate. Places where you can hang out, and things you can do to meet that special someone. Then there is the age old saying, if you just stop trying to find someone that someone will find you.
I think about when I was younger how easy it was to meet guys in school.  Everyone was friendly and it was just a casual atmosphere.  But now there are issues behind meeting someone at the grocery store or in the park because they might be perverts or stalkers or something else negative.  So how do you meet someone? That is a very serious question for those of us who are single. This searching for that one special person has turned into a huge money making industry.   The pressure is on; if you don’t have a boyfriend or are not dating then there must be something wrong with you.  Our society places such importance on pairing up; heaven helps the celebrity who hasn’t got a lover or two.  This being married and living happily ever after is ingrained in our youngest of young ones from none other than the parents.   So where am I going with this one? Well, finding that one special person is great and happens probably as often as witnessing a shooting star.  All the hard work that went into finding that person does not end.  Once you are a couple both of you have to work even harder to make it through all the ups and downs time as to offer. This finding someone makes things like balancing on a bicycle on a tight rope for example a piece of cake…

Have you ever watched the show Man vs. Wild on the Discovery Channel? Bear Grylls gets dropped off to these extreme areas and a cameraman films all his survival tips and his trek back to the civilization all the while Bear is commentating in his British accent. This guy does some pretty weird stuff and I have to wonder why in heaven would someone what to put themselves through what I think is torture? Oh wait the almighty dollar. The thing that got to me was the time he was in the Australia Out backs and was running out of water. What did Bear do? He did a pee-pee in his canteen and then proceeded to drink it. I read somewhere that you must never drink you pee if you run out of water and here Bear is tell the public just do it in order to survive. Well no thanks Bear, and how did he get his name? His other survival skills are pretty good. If you want a weird interesting show to watch try this one.

4 things that should go into room 101 and be removed from the face of the earth.
I don’t know what room 101 is, but to be removed from the face of the earth.
* Racism
* Hate
* Intentional polluters
*Murders/sexual violators

3 things people do that make you want to shake them violently.
I don’t know if I could shake anyone violently, but I can get mad at them.
*Media for promoting being skinny
* Selfishness
* Disrespect

2 things you find yourself moaning about.
*Nothing good on TV
* Piper (puppy) bringing in fleas from the back yard. How the heck did I get flees in the back yard?

1 thing the above answers tell you about yourself.
*I have a lot to complain about. The people in this world are pretty messed up. May be I was born in the wrong era. Our kids are screwed. Oh my gosh that was more than one. Jeeze this is a really depressing meme. But, ending on good note things can change for the better and the future has a good chance of being utopia.

Anybody want to have a go at the Moaning Meme… Please do…

What defines a person?

Is it the things they do?

The things they love ?

The cars they drive?

Their preference of food?

Their husband, who really can just cook soup and eggs..(hehehe)

Their children or grand children ?

Their educational accomplishments?

Their hobbies?

Well today is my Mom’s birthday.  Happy birthday…  This is one of those BIG birthdays.  All these these pictures describes my Mom, but that is really just the surface of a person.  If you ask anyone that knows my Mom they would tell you some wonderful things about her.  She is compassionate, kind, a good friend, devoted to her family, talented at anything she puts her mind to, successful, social butterfly, intelligent and the list could go on and on.  You have done so much with your life and along the way helped so many.   Today is your day.  Shine bright and have a very happy happy birthday..

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