An add on craigslist read “come and take everything you want anything in the house its all free”. That day neighbors watched as people came carried away furniture, clothes, and other belongings. As it turns out when the owner came home to an empty house she realized someone had posted the add as revenge for a past eviction she had made…

A woman faced theft charges  for walking out of the grocery store in Florida with a cart full of unpaid groceries. Her claim the lines were too long and she had Irritable Bowels Syndrome….

In Iowa police are charging a woman allegedly named “butts” for stealing toilet paper from the Iowa courthouse….

A man in Minnesota is facing disorderly conduct charges for allegedly paying off a parking ticket with dog doo…

A thirteen year old just won $25,ooo for texting supercalafragilisticexpialidocious in 15 seconds at the text messaging contest in Pennsylvania

The new craze in Japan is cucumber soda from Pepsi to help keep drinkers cool as a cucumber