I am sitting here thinking.

What is the most important thing that you would do in your life?

Did anyone say parenting a child?

You go to school for 13-18 years of your life, you study, English, math, history, drama, art, PE, foreign languages and more… In all the years spend studying, memorizing, testing, listening to lectures writing papers, there was not one class offered on parenting, or relationships.  Why is that so, it is very important. How many times have I used my geometry skills, oh and how about that 1812 war, is that something I incorporate in conversation once a year even?  I think not.  Most of what I have learn from school is forgotten.

Being a parent is something our Education counsel thinks is instinctual.  I think not.  I believe everyone needs a preparatory class to parenting.  But first everyone needs a preparatory class in relationships. These are classes adults will use in their life daily.  Yes it difficult to work and algebra equation, but it is super important that children learn the basic of relationships and later the basics of parenting.