We have a small community garbage can; we go out there several times a week to throw out stuff.  My neighbor sometimes stops me and we have a conversation not about the weather but about what someone threw away. She brings home those finds and pretty much stores them in her home or her storage closet.  One day she opened one of her closet and I witnessed 4 bikes in there.  She had collected those from the garbage cans.   She also found a beautiful like new plastic storage cabinet that has a door and locks.  Her home is filled to the brim with finds.  I found some really nice dining chairs, which I brought in and recovered and used. One time I opened the bin and inside was a computer monitor and printer, another time there was a beautiful custom made solid wood head board for a king size bed, with shelves in a beautiful honey wood finish, another time there was lovely handmade woven large area rug, I guess someone got tired of. Big sis knows a lady who throws away all her spear change.  The garbage man has a field day with her trash.  That saying one man’s trash is another man’s treasure is true.  I left all those things in the trash, because clutter is not my thing, but if I did not care about clutter my neighbor and I would be twins.