I was down stairs at work today and said to a co-worker gee it’s Tuesday.  She looked at me really funny and said “my dear it is Thursday.” Oh my gosh you must be joking?  What happened to Wednesday? I must be caught up in this weird warp of time.  Usually I count the days down until Friday.  We went to see Harry Potter when it opened.  Wow Harry grew up, he has a full blown  5- o’clock shadow in some scenes. Chee took me to see the movie sweet, huh! Usually it’s the mom the pays for the tickets.  She was so excited to see her hero Harry/Daniel.  She has a several pictures of him and has admired him since she was 10 years old. The movie was about ready to start and all of  sudden her eye starts tearing like a leaky faucet.  Her contact was irritating her.  I told her to go to the restroom and take it out.  She said that she did not bring her glasses, and she could not go cause the movie was starting.  Oh boy, darn luck.  We watched the movie  and I will not give away any thing, she came out of the movie lost in thought and I asked her if she was excited to see Harry/Daniel.  She answer, no all the excitement is gone.  The spell of love wore off. Oh my baby has grown up.                                                                                                                As we exited the theater there was a line of people that weaved down two flight of stairs out the exit door and around the corner of the theater.  The majority of people were teenagers and adults.                        Next is the book release one week from Saturday.  I  already got my 25% coupon ready for Chee to get the next exciting chapter of Harry Potter. I hope it is brighter and more uplifting since it is the last of the series. But I highly doubt it. The last two movies have been very dark to me and Harry is moody and brewing most of the times.  Poor kid does not get to enjoy his teenage years… I guess I would not either if the evil people were chasing after me all the time and my pseudo parents did not like me.