What is all the hype over Victoria Beckham?  For the last couple of weeks this is all I have been seeing on TV. This morning coming into to work, one of the goofy radio stations that I listen to announce they had to hurry and go on commercial break because next up was a live interview with Victoria Beckham at precisely 7:40 AM.  The DJ even went so far as to say that she CANNOT be kept waiting or the interview would not happen.  It is so strange who the media picks to be the current rage.  This Icon they have chosen does not represent a person would be a good roll model for society.  Victoria clearly has an eating disorder, if it were windy she would be carried away somewhere like one of those cows in a twister.  She clearly does not have anything intelligent to say and even though she is married to David Beckham their relationship is far from picture perfect. So what is it, the clothes, the platinum blonde hair-do, shoes, or how about the sunglasses?  What ever it is I cannot understand.

How ever the Spice girls are planning a limited tour.  Big sis is so looking forward to this. The Spice Girls were her heroes when she was growing up. I remember we stood in line for hours to buy tickets for their concert.  We were so close to the top of the line when they announce all tickets were sold out. That was one sad Big sis.  It was not even a few weeks later when they announced that whole tour was cancelled due to problems with the Spice Girls and artistic differences.  With all this Victoria Beckham hype I have a sneaking suspicion this upcoming tour may once again disappoint a lot of fans with a big Cancelled sign due to artistic differences.