Caution this is weird stupid story and has a bad ending.
True story…
Out of Greeley Colorado two boys 18 and 19 year old decided to build, a three-foot ramp out of dirt.  They had a very old convertible car the plan was to drive the car over the ramp and achieve the an airborne moment before landing in the lake, once the car hit the lake they would just swim out and back to shore.  They invited all their friends and had a bit of a lake party, before the show.
The 18 year old did not know how to swim, and kept that little fact a secret.
Both boys got into the car.  They drove the car over the ramp at a high speed and hit the water perfectly.  The both boy got out of the car safely, but the 18 year old panic.  He jumps on the19 year old and both of them struggled and finally sank into the lake. Ok, how weird is that? You would of thought they would of worn floating vest or something.  You kind of wonder when do people achieve a certain type of maturity.  For me maybe it was last week.  No maybe it wasn’t.  Maybe it will be next year.