What defines a person?

Is it the things they do?

The things they love ?

The cars they drive?

Their preference of food?

Their husband, who really can just cook soup and eggs..(hehehe)

Their children or grand children ?

Their educational accomplishments?

Their hobbies?

Well today is my Mom’s birthday.  Happy birthday…  This is one of those BIG birthdays.  All these these pictures describes my Mom, but that is really just the surface of a person.  If you ask anyone that knows my Mom they would tell you some wonderful things about her.  She is compassionate, kind, a good friend, devoted to her family, talented at anything she puts her mind to, successful, social butterfly, intelligent and the list could go on and on.  You have done so much with your life and along the way helped so many.   Today is your day.  Shine bright and have a very happy happy birthday..