Have you ever watched the show Man vs. Wild on the Discovery Channel? Bear Grylls gets dropped off to these extreme areas and a cameraman films all his survival tips and his trek back to the civilization all the while Bear is commentating in his British accent. This guy does some pretty weird stuff and I have to wonder why in heaven would someone what to put themselves through what I think is torture? Oh wait the almighty dollar. The thing that got to me was the time he was in the Australia Out backs and was running out of water. What did Bear do? He did a pee-pee in his canteen and then proceeded to drink it. I read somewhere that you must never drink you pee if you run out of water and here Bear is tell the public just do it in order to survive. Well no thanks Bear, and how did he get his name? His other survival skills are pretty good. If you want a weird interesting show to watch try this one.