Quite a few girls I know talk about how they meet guys on the Internet.  How many there are to choose from and how it is easier to get to know the guy this way. I guess we live in a fast pace world and one of the best ways to meet someone is through the Internet. Then there is Dinner for Six thing, where you call a company and they coordinate a dinner where you meet up with 5 other people equally gendered out and have dinner.  That way you meet new people.  Then there is the three-minute dating thing, which sound great on paper, but is just another meat market. .  If you go to bookstore there are so many books you can get on improving your self to attract your perfect mate. Places where you can hang out, and things you can do to meet that special someone. Then there is the age old saying, if you just stop trying to find someone that someone will find you.
I think about when I was younger how easy it was to meet guys in school.  Everyone was friendly and it was just a casual atmosphere.  But now there are issues behind meeting someone at the grocery store or in the park because they might be perverts or stalkers or something else negative.  So how do you meet someone? That is a very serious question for those of us who are single. This searching for that one special person has turned into a huge money making industry.   The pressure is on; if you don’t have a boyfriend or are not dating then there must be something wrong with you.  Our society places such importance on pairing up; heaven helps the celebrity who hasn’t got a lover or two.  This being married and living happily ever after is ingrained in our youngest of young ones from none other than the parents.   So where am I going with this one? Well, finding that one special person is great and happens probably as often as witnessing a shooting star.  All the hard work that went into finding that person does not end.  Once you are a couple both of you have to work even harder to make it through all the ups and downs time as to offer. This finding someone makes things like balancing on a bicycle on a tight rope for example a piece of cake…