For the last hour I have been sitting here doing nothing but trying to look busy.  This is the first time in many months that we have hit a quiet spell at work, so why not write something for a blog.

For a couple of weeks now the puppy, Piper has been limiting herself to the down stairs. I have seen her look at the stairs up to the next level with such perplexion and fear. At 3- AM this morning she came up the stairs and went into the girl’s room. She saw a hand hanging off the side of the bed and walked over to lick it until the brain of the sleepy girl surfaced to consciousness. Big Sis said she saw Piper walk over to a throw rug and made herself comfortable to the rest of the night.  Big Sis got up and took her back downstairs, set up a barrier and went upstairs.  She went back to bed and the next thing you know Miss Piper was right back at her bedside. Ok, Houdini dog.  A better barrier was made and some little whining could be heard for an hour or two.

Next morning at 7:00 I am preparing to leave for work, I am looking all over for puppy, and then I hear this little excited bark and some rrrrrrrr like she is playing with another dog coming from upstairs.  I ran upstairs and there she is in my room on top of a sheepskin rug my Pops brought back from Australia.  She is playing and bark at it like it is real.  She looks over me with this look like she just found her new best friend. How can you get mad at the innocent cute holligan of a puppy. Oh I did a booboo today, I cut the hair away from Piper’s eyes and got a bit carried away, now she looks like the baby seal pictured above.

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