I changed positions at work and am learning some new ropes on a really dumb company owned software.  So, I have been soft in the brain and slacking off on the blog.
Friday is here, yahoo.
What great plans are in the working for you?  Most weekends I just like to not plan anything and just go with the flow.  At late everything has been really intense, so it is nice not to have major plans on the weekend.
I’m always amazed at the younger group of people that work in the office.  Everyday after work is a party time.  They always come back the next day and cry about how tired they are and how much they drank or partied. They walk around in the thick flog and by afternoon around 3 pm it lifts and they are ready to do again.  For them the weekend is a 24 hour social extravaganza.. I am so happy not to be young in this generation.  It seems so fast pace and really harsh on the body.
I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.