The town I live in had a big beautiful Target.  A one-stop shop for most of your needs.  Their prices are reasonable and the selection is great!  We have a newer Target that I consider the best of the entire Target stores, I have visited.
In the beginning of summer our Target decided to make changes and add a larger food section.  That is what one of the employees told me.  That is good I thought, I like shopping of food too.
Today, I went into Target and within a week and a half they have changed.  They switched around all the departments, added new displays and new racks for their clothes.  When I saw their new décor I was really angry, while it looks good to Target it is ugly to me.  The décor is cold and so linear.  It is so uninviting.  I have seen this same display at other Targets and used to count my blessing that we had a more circular and welcoming structure.
This reminds me of the Borg’s from Star Trek.  The Borg’s are all the same and they are connected to the main Queen Borg.   Target has adapted to that same concept and I bet they will hang a huge sign outside the Entrance with the motto “Resistance Is Futile.”

I guess change is hard for me…