I heard today about the Worlds Eating championship winner.  Big Sis once coaxed me into watching the contest, which was a group of people lined up across a long table.  They start the contest and these people just inhale the food. The food is dripping down their faces oozing out of their fingers.  It is gross and made me want to lose my dinner. I cannot watch it.
Here is my beef on the situation.
We have people in the world who are seriously starving, and here it is televised, people eating large quantities of food and most of the contestant, just end up puking.
Oh but wait, it does not stop there, we have a large population of women and men who are bulimic.  They are literally attempting to look like starving people in these third world countries and some in this country too who are just don’t have enough money for food.
Ok, I step off the soap box. It was just one of those random gripes