Today is the first day on school for Chee.  The long anticipated day has arrived.  The preparation for the perfect outfit for the first day of school took a couple of days of trying on everything in her closet and some of mine too.  Although I did question what the heck do want to wear my large clothes for. The answer to that question was because they are comfortable. Well I have to agree with her on that.
This co-worker I used to work with was really slender.  She told me that she buys large underwear that is two sizes larger than what she would normally wear.  The rest of the clothes she wore were tighter fitting.
I just love wearing cotton pants with lots of room.  Sweat pants are so comfortable, Roomy shirts are the bomb, but none of these clothes are becoming, in the public eyes you kind of look dumpy and poor especially walking the streets of Walnut Creek. I am always looking for that happy medium-“ look classy and be comfortable.”
We went to a Memorial this weekend. A neighbor from our childhood neighborhood passed away.  She was a dresser.  Everything had to match even her jewelry and her clothes had to be perfectly pressed.  (Her jewelry was not fake).  She was known for being a classy woman.
On Sunday I had some time to kill, I walked into Macy’s and said I am going to find a classy outfit.  I search the whole women’s department and came up with a couple of things.  I went into the dressing room the try them on.  The first outfit I put on I could not get off.  I had to call Big Sis on her cell phone to come and help me take it off.  While I sat and waited for her I though what in the heck am I doing?  Needless to say I left the store with nothing, but the same old thought, life is too short to walk around with uncomfortable clothes. We as a society put a lot of emphasis on the clothes we wear, but does the clothes make the person?
By the way I don’t like the new fall line of fashion for women. Men’s fashion always stays the same.