Some people think turkeys are stupid, if they read this story they will think the opposite.

This is a true story.

“A lady and her husband were surprised to see two wild turkeys walk out onto a busy two lane country road and spread out their wings. One turkey faced oncoming traffic in one direction, the other faced oncoming traffic in the other direction. Confused drivers came to a halt. Everyone waited to see what would happen. Suddenly out of the trees came a whole family – mom, and six or seven baby turkeys The turkey family paraded across the highway in single file. When they had all reached the other side, the two “traffic guard” turkeys lowered their wings and followed them into the brush. Traffic resumed. ”

We live in a city where the wild animals are just rare.  The buildings and concrete rule. One day I was going to work, I was driving up the hill to work it, was about 6:30 in the AM and this wild turkey come running down the slop.  It comes to the edge and I realize that  we are going to collide  if that turkey did not spread it’s wings and fly.  I don’t know what happen I was kind of a fool and closed my eyes in horror.  The next thing I know that I look in my rare view mirror a few seconds later and they turkey is gone. That was one magical turkey.