September 2007

I was looking forward to the Bionic Women which aired on Wednesday, having grown up in the 70’s when the Bionic man, and the Bionic women were very popular. I love that weird deeedeee sound that they played when they used their bionic powers. I watch the show for about 20 minutes and was not impressed. It had too much “drama queen stuff” and “I want things my way or no way at all” attitudes. I did notice that two characters from Battle Star joined the casts.

House came back on Tuesday. I was so looking forward to this show. He had all his antics couple with his quirky personality and horrible bedside manner. But there was a something missing. I think most people thought Hugh Laurie could carry the show on his own. But while is was entertaining it lacked the hook me in and keep me glued to the TV set phenomenon. The three other characters that were his right arm last season quit or were fired. They brought an even balance to the show; I hope they come back soon.

Cold Case premiered on Sunday. That show was great. Lilly got a better haircut and looked glamorous. Makes me want to go out and get my bangs properly cut. The show had a good theme and covers the details going back and forth from the present to the past so you see exactly what happened. I always love the end when the dead people come back and kind of give a thank you or finally goodbye.

I love Fall TV; it is so cool to look forward to new and exciting shows to tease the bored mind.



Weird News

” Teenage boy has somehow survived a two-hour flight clinging to the wing of a Boeing 737.

The 15-year-old, named Andrei, clambered into a wing’s wheel well after running away from his Siberian home.

He was only discovered when the plane landed in Moscow – and is now being treated in hospital for severe frostbite.

Investigators are amazed that Andrei survived the journey in temperatures as low as minus-50 degrees Celsius – and speeds of up to 900kmh.

At the end of the 1,300km journey, rescuers at Vnukova airport were initially unable to take off his coat and shoes because his arms and legs were so badly frozen.

It was suggested that he ran away from home after an argument with his parents, first to see his grandmother in a neighbouring village.

He then hitched a 220km lift to Perm, where he was let out at the airport and somehow got onto the plane wing.”


It appears a lawsuit against God has been issued because of the recent flooding in the South.  The issuer of the suit is asking God to cease and desist all rainstorms that causes flooding and destruction of property.
Unfortunately the suit was thrown out of court because the party, (God) could not be served with the suit personally.

I thought Mother Nature was in charge of the weather…

Between 18 and 22, a woman is like Africa , half
discovered, half wild, naturally beautiful with fertile soil.
Between 23 and 30, a woman is like Europe, well
developed and open to trade, especially for someone
with cash. Between 31 and 35, a woman is like India - very hot,
relaxed and convinced of her own beauty.

Between 36 and 40, a woman is like France -gently
aging but still a warm and desirable place to visit.
 Between 41 and 50, a woman is like Great Britain -
 with a glorious and all conquering past.

 Between 51 and 60, a woman is like Israel - has been
 through war and doesn't make the same mistakes twice,
 takes care of business.
 Between 61 and 70, a woman is like Canada -
 self-preserving but friendly and open to meeting new people.

 After 70, she becomes Tibet . Wildly beautiful, with a
 mysterious past and the wisdom of the ages...only
 those with an adventurous spirit and a thirst for
 spiritual knowledge visit there.

 Between 1 and 75, a man is like U.S.A.- - ruled by a Prick.
This one was a forward from overseas...


I went over to the .99 cents store, and they have two isles that is full of Halloween candy. I went into Target and they have several isles with Halloween candy.  Mom went to Walmart yesterday and told me the place in choc full of Halloween candy.  It is  September and who is going to buy Halloween candy now for October 31st.  I was thinking we view ads on toning up, weight loss, eating right on TV, radio, newspaper, magazines, bill boards.  We are constantly being bombarded by the media everywhere we go about being slim and eating healthy.  Ever year around this time we start this vicious cycle of over eating, because all the stores take on the Old Lady in the Candy House Syndrome in Hansel and Gretel.  They start tempting us and stuffing us with candy, desserts, food until News Years day. Then they throw in our faces did you eat too much over the holidays?  Guilt takes over and then we are bombarded by weight loss clinic, different diets, gym specials ads.  Then the stores start putting out the candy for Valentines day followed by Easter.  Do you see just how vicious this whole gimmick is?  We live in guilt about everything we put in our mouths and constantly blame ourselves, but are we really to blame?

Some times I will be driving down the street and all of a sudden my car starts to vibrate and I hear this loud thud, thud thud of some rap music from another car.  The sound is so loud it drowns out everything going on around me including my thoughts.
A judge in Fort Lupton Colorado has come up with and idea to stop this kind of noise violation, it is proven to stop 97% of the offenders from repeating the noise violation.
The Violator is issue a ticket, to appear in court.  The judge sentences the violator to listen to one hour of Music Immersion in a court appointed room.  The violators report on such and such date enter the room empty handed and sit down to listen to music cranked up to a high volume. They are not allowed to talk, sleep, eat or drink.
An example of the selection of the music is to name a few;
Barney theme song
Istle Bitsy spider
Barry Manilow – I Can’t Smile Without You
Neil Sedaka – Calendar Girl
Dolly Pardon – Jolene
Dawn – Tie a yellow Ribbon around the Ole Oak tree

Geese all they would have to do for me is play any Dionne Warwick song, and I would literally go insane.


Last night was the season finale of Saving Grace.  It was a summer show that stars Holly Hunter.  By the way Holly did a smash up job on the character.  The show is about a detective based out of Oklahoma, she is a alcoholic, that has family issues sleeps around every night and breaks as many rules as possible.  She is very good at her job.  On night she is driving home drunk and hits a man walking on the side of the road.  She kills him and in horror of her actions she asks God for help.  God sends Grace an angel name Earl, who in the beginning chewed tobacco and spat in an old water bottle. The detective Grace, never really changes her ways.  Each and every week there is a new case to solve.
Well, I was thinking, if an angel ever visited me on a regular basis would I continue on behaving the same way.
Do you remember Joan of Arcadia, a show where God visited a rude and stubborn teenager and she just kept right on being a stupid rude teenager?
I wonder how many people would make a change for the better if an angel visited them?  Is it just me and may be puppy?

By the way it is a good detective show.


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