Yoga is a big craze right now.
Everybody is talking about the different styles of yoga they have tried.
You see celebrities showing off on TV the various poses they can get into.
Target has been carrying yoga T-shirts, pants, mats and blocks.
Hallmark has yoga figurines, cards, and little jewelry.
Yoga magazines, newspapers, books.
Get my drift??
Well now yoga is branching off.
They have Acroyoga, a combination of acrobatics and yoga.
Doga, Yoga for dogs and owners.
Wineyoga, drinking well wine and doing yoga, people get really relaxed.
Nakedyoga, It originated in San Francisco, yoga in your birthday suit, there is “hands on” instruction and they encourage you to help your neighbor too.

Isn’t it crazy how people can take an age-old spiritual practice and make it a huge money making enterprise, changing and conforming it into what sells.