Did you hear the one about the 23 year old girl who boarded a South West flight and was told her she was to bare for the air?  Customer service person told her to go home and change the outfit because it was too skimpy and catch a later flight.  The 23 year old did not have any luggage and was flying to appointment and coming back to the same day.  She could not change her flight or she would miss her appointment.  The airline allowed her on the flight but asked her to cover her lower half with a blanket for the duration of the flight.

Fast-forward now to a morning talk show.  She decided to have her fifteen minutes of fame and tell the world of her humiliating experience.  At first the TV host commented that her outfit, which was a mini skirt and lower cut top, was fine for a girl her age and should not have been made and issue.  Then the 23 year old sat down and oooh the national audience got flashed.  This young lady works at Hooters and said this outfit is really tame compared to what she wears to work.        Which brings up a pet peeve of mine, why is it that for ten years now it has been the style for women/girls to parade in outfits the resembles the same ones that prostitutes wear when they are working.  It is great for prostitute, because now they have a better selection of clothes, but sometimes it is getting harder to tell the difference between the two.

Kyla Ebbert, gee she does not look like a 23 year old…